Watch Sausage Party Full Movie Online

Sony Pictures Entertainment and Annapurna Pictures threw a new advance of 'Sausage Party', the movie of comedy cheered up for adults directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon Que will come to the big screen in August, 2016.

The tape thinks about how to be a mockery of the movies of Disney and of the cartoons faced to the infantile public and it will come with the voice of Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, James Franco, Salma Hayek, between others.

"Sausage Party" is one about sausage leading an odd group of products of the supermarket in the way to discover the truth about its existence and what is what it spends really they when the people choose them and they leave the supermarket.

To make fun of Disney of the children's films. Sony Pictures entertaniment Presento during San Diego Comic-Con the second trĂ¡iler of Sausage Party, Which he shared in YouTube, a movie of l'humour adult called a being the successor of South Park.

Sausage Party (Holiday of sausages) is a direct Sausage Party mockery to the infantile animation movies. Watch Sausage Party Full Movie  In YouTube they are observed of them red 'the Pranks, affronts, humour eschatologically Expressions and aggressive.

The Movie was produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad and Pineapple Express). Sausage Party They designed the satirical plot led by a sausage, the same one Who Leads odd group of food That live in odd supermarket and that Sound in spite of being adopted as a family.

Since one sees in YouTube, its sleep turns into nightmare. Sausage Party The families choose them - as if it was a question of orphan-asylum children - to murder them. That one was I designed it center him of a work of years eight.

The movie promoted in YouTube is provided with the voices of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Salma Hayek, Kristen Wiig, Edward Norton, James Franco between others. It will be released Next August 12.